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Brewers Tickets Guide: Best Beers at Miller Park

January 22, 2014

A handful of Milwaukee Brewers tickets guarantees not only a fun afternoon with your friends, but also access to one of Wisconsin’s best locations to find delicious craft beers. You could even say the Brewers would be committing one of the biggest errors of all time if their home field, Miller Park, didn’t offer plenty of fine brews to choose from. Milwaukee has a rich history of beer brewing, particularly German styles, dating back to the mid-19th century. Warm yourself up with one of these hearty beers the next time you’re enjoying a cold afternoon game at Miller Park.

Leinenkugel Brewing


Image via Flickr by nan palmero

The Leinenkugel family has been brewing beer in Chippewa Falls, Wis. since the 1860s and is now a cultural staple of the region. Many of their signature beers developed over their 150 years of brewing are available in the park, including their Miller Park exclusive, Bernie’s Barrelman Ale. It is a name selected by a popular vote among fans. Brewed with caramel malts and cascade, nugget and Willamette hops, one beer aficionado described the brew as “something for the fans that accentuated summer with a little more bite to it.”

Lakefront Brewery


Image via Flickr by The D34n

Lakefront Brewery is another local favorite that has been making craft beers since the 1980s just a short distance away on the Milwaukee River. Their “easy drinking wheat beer,” Wheat Monkey, is a crisp drink good for any time of the year. The head on this craft is rather large and foamy due in part to the bountiful amount of malted white wheat the brewers use in the mash process balanced with just the right amount of Cascade hops. Like a white wine, the beer is well suited for lighter dishes such as chicken, seafood, and salads, but stands great on its own.

Sprecher Brewing Co.

Sprecher Brewing Co. in Milwaukee brings out the German beer-making tradition in force. One of their signature year-round beers found at Miller Park is their Special Amber, a balanced medium-bodied German lager. The use of caramel, Caravienna, Munich, and pale malts brewed with Cascade and Mt. Hood hops gives the Special Amber a luxurious golden color topped with a creamy head. The beer is so well loved among drinkers that it has been the brewery’s #1 seller, so don’t miss this one the next time you’re at a Brewers’ game.

New Glarus Brewing


Image via Flickr by Russ Neumeier

Crafted in a “quaint little brewery nestled on the outskirts of New Glarus, Wis.,” Spotted Cow is a nifty little beer made in the style of pre-prohibition cask-conditioned ales. The brewers use flaked barley and Wisconsin malts, along with a little bit of corn as homage to local farmers, to produce a “fun, fruity and satisfying” ale great for an afternoon of baseball watching. It pairs well with many ballpark favorites like barbecue items, potato chips, burgers and nachos.

Wisconsin is known for its rich beer history and tradition. Enjoy one of these fine beers during your next outing, but be sure to drink responsibly.  Don’t forget to save on Brewers Tickets at ScoreBig!

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