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Brewers Tickets Guide: Best Food at Miller Park

January 23, 2014

You have your Milwaukee Brewers tickets, your friends, and your car ready to go. You’re all ready, but what should you do about food? It’s time to go and everybody’s hungry. Well don’t worry, because Miller Park has plenty of food to offer, and even if you’ve never been this guide can help you find what you’re looking for. Check out the following for the best food in Miller Park.

Baked Potatoes and Back Stop Diner


Image via Flickr by compujeramey

First, start with something different and interesting: The baked potato cart. Why not start the game with one of their many assorted baked potato options? All of the potatoes are loaded with all kinds of different toppings. It’s great and filling way to begin enjoying the food at the park. They’ve also got a smoked brisket, and different kinds of turkey sandwiches, so you could put together a full meal there. Don’t worry, they have plenty of beer to help you to wash it all down.

Brat Boys

Ah, yes, the game day sausages. Hard to find anything much more satisfying than that. The Brat Boys cover you with all of their different options. Get one of several grilled sausages, or turn any one into a combo meal. If you’re in the mood for more than just brats, try one of their grilled cheeseburgers.

They also have the delicious fried cheese curds, one of the best snacks for any sporting event. There’s a chicken breast sandwich if you’ve had a bit too much of the red meat for the day. On Fridays, thanks to tradition, they also offer a fried fish basket. Waffle fries and cheese fries also come as perfect side options to compliment your meal. Still, if that’s not enough, they offer a variety of smaller snack options in addition to all the food.

Brewery Hill Deli

The Brewery Hill Deli gives you a bit of everything. They have their own version of the hotdog, except theirs has bacon wrapped around it. You can get burgers here as well, as they specialize in them, with all kinds of different flavors and customization available, including turkey burgers. They have waffle fries like Brat Boys, and BBQ Brisket like the Back Stop Diner. They offer chicken wings and nachos for delicious and filling options. If you need to cool off, get one of their jumbo pickles, and a beer or soda.

Most Valuable Pizza

With the clever MVP acronym, Most Valuable Pizza offers you the game-day-food-necessity known as pizza. Among the assorted hot dogs, snacks and beverages, they offer good old Palermo’s pizza slices. Cheese, pepperoni, and other toppings await your watering mouth.

Dippin’ Dots

If you’ve had your fix of meat, fried foods, cheese, and other delicious and heavy meals, why not go for some dessert? They offer an assortment of different Dippin’ Dots flavors (otherwise the name would be quite misleading). Aside from that, you can also get some warm kettle corn or an ice-cold frozen Minute Made. They offer fluffy cotton candy, ropes of licorice, or the baseball snack legend Cracker Jacks.

Now you’ve got a good idea of what the stadium has to offer. This list might show you the best food available, but there’s even more stands all over the park. Once you’ve hit all these, check out the rest of them for yourself.

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