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Brewers Tickets Guide: Vegan Options at Miller Park

January 23, 2014

If you have Milwaukee Brewers tickets, you can look forward to a fun outing at Miller Park. This ballpark has a long history of thrilling baseball games, and locals enjoy a variety of nearby dining options before or during the games.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Burger


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Tailgating is a popular pastime at Miller Park, so many fans choose to bring their own food and cook it in the parking lot, while chatting with other Brewers fans and trading stats. If you follow a vegan diet, you can bring a Portobello mushroom to throw on the grill, or a protein-packed veggie or black bean burger so you can keep your strength up through all of the cheering. Tailgating is a fun way to get excited about the upcoming game while surrounded by fellow fans, and you can choose exactly what you eat.

Inside the Ballpark

Nearly 15 years ago, a food critic visited the park and complained about the lack of variety in food options outside the suite level. Since then, the menu has been drastically expanded to include more than 100 different food choices. There are several stands located on several levels where you can grab and go, so you won’t miss a single hit, and they offer tasty red pepper hummus, vegetable wraps, fresh fruit, and other snacks and entrees. You might also want to choose a vegan-friendly baked potato, topped with fresh pico de gallo.

TGI Friday’s

This popular chain restaurant is actually attached to Miller Park, and features indoor and outdoor seating with great views of the game. You can sample bruschetta, fresh fruits and veggies, and salads without compromising your vegan diet. They also have an extensive drink menu, featuring tasty smoothies, soft drinks, and favorites from the bar. You can also request veggie fajitas, which the chefs can prepare without dairy products.

Comet Café

Located just a few miles from Miller Park, Comet Café receives frequent praise from locals for the vegan “riblets”, gyro, apple walnut burger, Salisbury “steak”, and other delicious entrees that are all made with meat substitutes. They also include delicious dipping sauce, such as spicy wing sauce, tangy barbecue, or house-made chive mayo that is completely vegan. The café also prepares delicious brunch options, including famous biscuits and coffee drinks.

Riverwest Co-op

Riverwest Co-op is also a few miles away from the ballpark, but their menu makes it worth the extra couple of minutes’ drive. The chefs use organic ingredients whenever they can, and their top choices include Reuben sandwiches, fried tofu, BBQ meat substitutes drenched in delicious sauce, Philly sandwiches, mac and trees, and “tuna” salad. These tasty meals go well with the vegan chocolate chip cookies that they bake fresh for dessert. If you’re going to an early game, you can stop in for some French toast or biscuits and gravy.

Remaining committed to a vegan diet might seem difficult when dining out or heading to a sporting event, but with so many delicious options in and near the ballpark, you can enjoy a variety of entrees and snacks without worrying about eating an animal product. Don’t forget to use ScoreBig for all your discounted ticketing needs!

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