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Cardinals Tickets Guide: Best Beers at Busch Stadium

January 28, 2014

Having St. Louis Cardinals tickets doesn’t just mean you get to enjoy a great game, it also means you have access to a large variety of food options. Every stadium has unique concessions and delicious things to eat, often so many that it makes it hard to decide what you want. That’s where this guide comes in. Here you’ll find some of the best food available at Busch Stadium, so you can think about what you want beforehand, and spend your time simply eating and enjoying the game.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog


Image via Flickr by compujeramey

Go big or go home and start with the bacon wrapped hotdog. This stand keeps it simple, they only serve bacon wrapped hotdogs, jumbo dogs, and peanuts as food options. If you want anything other than that or something to drink (among which they have a huge selection), you’ll have to find somewhere else to eat. But seriously, how can you go wrong with a bacon wrapped dog?

Ballpark Favorites

The name alone lets you know this place has to provide one of the favorite options in the stadium. They strive to create an all-encompassing menu for typically loved foods at ball games. Hot dogs, jumbo dogs and polish sausages make up their meat slab options. Other entrée items include supreme nachos and pizza. As for snacks, they pretty much have it all. Find yourself a pretzel, cup of cheese, side nachos, potato chips, cracker jacks, licorice, ice cream bars, moon pies, or popcorn and wash it down with their choice of sodas and both local and domestic beers.

Bowtie Grill

They sure know how to provide great and extensive meat options in St. Louis, and the Bowtie Grill doesn’t fall short. They offer a delicious bratwurst and jumbo hotdog. Here you can get cheeseburgers and hamburgers, or the doubled up version of either. If you’re not feeling any of that, go for the chicken tenders, or maybe the nachos. If you want lots and lots of nachos, they offer one of those infamous nacho helmets.

Go for some french fries or fried pickle spears on the side. Cups of cheese and sour cream are perfect for dipping. If you’re just looking for a snack, you can always get peanuts or their Bavarian pretzel. They have plenty of sweets and drinks to help finish off your meal.

Broadway BBQ

You’ve got to have barbecue options at a sporting event, and that’s where Broadway BBQ comes in. Order their pulled pork sandwich, or delicious beef brisket. If you just want pure meat, they offer a nice big turkey leg as an option. And don’t worry, they have the sides to back these dishes up. Get some baked beans on the side, or some freshly made cole slaw for the perfect complement to your meal.

Dip N Dots

Playing on their own version of the small ice cream bits, there’s a Dip N Dots stand for all your post-meal desires. Warm kettle corn and cotton candy compliment the offering of ice cream. You can also get some lemon and strawberry chillers as a cool treat after you eat. Oh, and don’t forget the Dip N Dots helmet, for when you find yourself dissatisfied with the 5 and 8 oz cup options.

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