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Cardinals Tickets Guide: Best Food at Busch Stadium

January 29, 2014

Find yourself some Cardinals Tickets and head on down to Busch Stadium, home of the 11-time World Series champions and some of the best food in St. Louis. The Gateway to the West is renowned for its food, which has a rich tradition spanning several hundred years back to the days when France and Spain controlled the area. Save your appetite and skip the tailgate barbecue so you can enjoy food from one of these fine locations while you watch America’s favorite pastime.

The Carvery


Image via Flickr by mitchell3417

Head behind gate 2 to find The Carvery, an aptly named build-your-own sandwich station offering some of the freshest eats in the ballpark. The great appeal here is that the staff carves you your very own slices of turkey or ham. You then put everything together with condiments and toppings just the way you like it on freshly baked bread from a nearby St. Louis staple, Fazio’s Bakery on the Hill. Try out some of their house-fried barbecue chips while you’re at it.

Broadway BBQ


Image via Flickr by stevendepolo

One thing the city of St. Louis is known for is its signature barbecue, so the Cards’ baseball stadium wouldn’t be complete without a location like Broadway BBQ. Found in sections 509, Broadway BBQ has plenty of delicious food options to choose from. Try some of their iconic barbecue pulled pork sandwiches, jumbo hot dogs, chicken tenders, beef brisket sandwich and turkey legs. Wash it all down with a side of coleslaw, baked beans, or even a nice cold beer. No trip to St. Louis is complete without barbecue.

El Birdos Cantina


Image via Flickr by Barta IV

If you would like to indulge your taste buds with something a bit on the spicy side, try El Birdos Cantina in section 148 (or El Birdos Gourmet Nachos in section 141). Pile your toppings high as you apply gratuitous amounts of jalapeños and cheese to your build-it-yourself nacho platter, or leave the work to the professionals and order fresh hot quesadillas. You can also get a variety of other ballpark treats like ice cream bars, cookies and cream milkshakes, and beer from the same location.

Dizzy’s Diner

Dizzy’s Diner in sections 139, 161 and 446 features the typical American favorites you’d expect at a diner, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, and so on. But it also has a behemoth of a dish known as the Horseshoe, an open-faced sandwiched topped with two hamburger patties, fries, and nacho cheese on a slice of Texas toast. Try it at your own risk.


No one can deny the classic status of a ballpark hotdog, but the kosher knockwurst at Kohn’s might just have a leg up on the competition. Kohn’s has been serving up delicious kosher goods in St. Louis since 1963, and if you try out their famous all-beef frank or pastrami sandwich, you’ll find out why. You’ll find the Kohn’s cart at various locations around the stadium.

Baseball is a game best enjoyed with a full stomach. Any of these selections is a culinary home run.

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