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Cardinals Tickets Guide: Vegan Options at Busch Stadium

January 29, 2014

Cardinals tickets holders rejoice! Not only does 2014 look like a promising year for your beloved Cards, but your home turf, Busch Stadium, has some incredible vegetarian and vegan options.

It’s a good thing Busch has these options, because, according to information from the Vegetarian Times and the US Census Bureau, almost 14% of Americans follow a “vegetarian inclined” diet (about 22.8 million people). Lets take a look at how Busch Stadium accommodates its hungry vegetarian visitors.

Vegetarian Chicken Sandwiches

Although the veggie chicken sandwich was once offered at five different locations, it is still going strong at Dizzy’s Diner. This classic southwest style chicken sandwich is sure to hit the spot, especially because it’s 100% vegan (unlike many veggie burgers, which are often made with egg whites).

If the veggie chicken sandwich doesn’t interest you, you can’t go wrong with a helping of Dizzy’s famous french fries!

Salads and Yogurt and Fruit Oh My!

7Image via Flickr by B*2

If you are looking for a quick vegetarian or vegan snack, check out Busch Stadium’s Farmers’ Market stand near Gate 1 in Section 137. Although developed with gluten-free dietary restrictions in mind, the Farmers’ Market stand is a great place to find vegan food as well. It has both garden and chopped salads, yogurt for the vegetarians, and plenty of fruit for anyone to enjoy.

If you’d like something a little more filling, the Farmers’ Market stand also has veggie wraps and sub sandwiches.

Vegan Beer!

You might be thinking, “wait a minute, isn’t all beer vegan?” Actually, no.

According to the blog Usually Vegan, breweries often use animal products during the brewing process – usually either dairy or honey. Often the dairy or honey will be obvious (ie honey mead clearly has honey), however, sometimes it won’t be marked. Also, gelatin and egg whites are sometimes used when processing beer (apparently it makes it easier to filter). So, not only can beer sometimes not be vegan, if gelatin was used, it isn’t even vegetarian!

Fortunately, you’ll be safe at Busch Stadium because Busch beer is actually vegan. (How about that right? An odd piece of good press for macro brands).

Also, let’s not forget other dietary restrictions. Remember that Farmers’ Market stand designed for gluten-free people? Well, they also serve Redbridge beer which is gluten-free!

 Stir Fry, Pasta, Roasted Portobello Mushrooms and More!

According to Veggie Happy (a website endorsed by Tony La Russa, the Cardinals’ 2011 World Series Champion Field Manager), Busch Stadium catering offers a vast array of vegetarian options.

Including: Japanese vegetable stir fry, several different types of pasta, green beans with garlic, roasted Portobello mushrooms, grilled asparagus with lemon butter, Greek fried artichokes, herb roasted vegetable medley, and a wild mushroom and potato “hash.”

Did your stomach just growl and your mouth begin to water? because that list sounds like a vegetarian, or vegan, heaven.

As you can see, vegans and vegetarians will have something substantially better than peanuts and cracker jacks (though those are available too!) this year at Busch Stadium. Just one more reason to support the Cards!

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