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Diamondbacks Tickets Guide: Vegan Options at Chase Field

January 30, 2014

If you’re looking for Arizona Diamondbacks tickets, but you’re concerned about finding vegan eats at the game, you’ll be pleased to find that Chase Field features healthy options for diners of all persuasions including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free fans. If you’re looking for meat and dairy free foods in and around Chase Stadium, you’ll be pleased to find you have many options.

Chase Field In-Seat Dining


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The in-seat dining menu has several filling features that suit a vegan diet. Vegan burritos packed with black beans and vegetables in a cilantro lime sauce are a delightfully spicy option that will leave your taste buds tingling. The sloppy Jane is a vegetarian take on the classic sloppy Joe. Instead of ground beef, this sandwich features tempeh and vegetables on a whole-wheat bun. New for 2013 are a pretzel edamame and achiote-basted mushroom wrap.

Chase Field Red Hot Grill Dining

Red Hot Grill dining locations offer a vegan chop salad loaded with broccoli, cucumber, asparagus, carrot, olives, tomatoes, and chickpeas on a bed of spinach and romaine. The salad is tossed in a red wine vinaigrette. The house veggie burger features a vegan patty made with black beans, beets, bran, and onion. However, vegan diners should note that the bun for this burger is not vegan. If you’re looking for a fast snack, the veg out cup features carrots, celery, jicama, cucumber, and radishes with a hummus dip.

Persian Garden Café

Located less than ten minutes from Chase Field, the Persian Garden Café offers a large menu of vegan options. This location is perfect for grabbing a bite before or after the game. The menu features the naturally vegan veggie stir fry or tofu delight, as well as several dishes that you can order in vegan form, such as the spudburger, spinach burger, and falafel and dolmeh. The house garden salad and shirazi salad are naturally vegan as well and loaded with crisp fresh veggies.

Udupi Café

The Udupi Café is just a 15-minute drive from Chase Field. The entire menu centers around vegetarian and vegan cuisine with Indian flair. You’ll find several types of curries, dosai, and pullavs. Unlike some restaurants where diners will find one or two vegan items on the menu, the majority of the dishes at the Udupi Café are designed with vegans in mind. If you’re looking for flavorful south Indian food to fill up after a game, this is a great place to stop.

Loving Hut

The recently renovated Loving Hut in Phoenix is less than 15 minutes from Chase Field. This specialty restaurant serves only vegan foods. The Asian inspired entrees include house fried rice, BBQ rice noodles, and Mongolian delight featuring bell peppers, onions, soy protein slices, and a homemade sauce. If you prefer a dish with a more familiar Western flair, try the Philly dream or Hawaiian burger, both of which use soy protein in place of meat and vegenaise instead of mayo.

Whether you’re looking for a snack you can enjoy in your seats, or a hearty meal post-game, these options give you plenty of places to fill up.

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