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The Ultimate Marlins Tickets Buyer’s Guide

February 7, 2014

If you’re shopping for Miami Marlins tickets, you have a dizzying array of options to consider. This South Florida ballpark seats 37,000 fans and features a retractable roof for a comfortable experience rain or shine. Taking the place of the Orange Bowl, this modern facility is sure to become a beloved staple that fans flock to for years to come.

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Clubhouse Box

The Clubhouse Box is on the Promenade level in sections 8 through 10 and 19 through 21. These are the best individual seats available and as such command some of the highest ticket prices. You’re as close to the action as you’ll get in any area other than the Diamond Club.



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The laid-back atmosphere of the Clevelander seating area is more reminiscent of a club than a ballpark. This is a unique little space in left center field. The view isn’t the best, but these lounge style seats are located by the pool so you can jump in for a dip. You can also enjoy dancers, a DJ, and a contemporary grill. If you’re more interested in the party than the game, this area is for you.

Though minors under 21 can sit in these seats when accompanied by an adult, the atmosphere is generally better suited to the young adult crowd. You can purchase both reserved seating and standing room only tickets for the Clevelander. Groups of ten or more can host a group happy hour at the Clevelander, receive a complimentary domestic beer, and drink specials from the time the gates open until an hour after the first pitch.

Home Plate Box


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Home Plate Box seats fill sections 9 to 20 behind the Clubhouse Box and Diamond Club. If you’re looking for individual seats behind home plate, this is the best option. Section 14 puts your right behind home plate, but this isn’t necessarily the best option. Sections 10 through 12, and 16 through 18 offer enough of an angle to let you see the action clearly. Sitting just behind home plate can cause some problems with depth perception as you’re viewing the game.

Base Reserved

Base Reserved seats are found in sections 7, 8, 21, and 22. All sections include rows 2-10, but sections 7 and 22 include rows C-J as well, which are closer to the field. With seats that span from first or third base out to short outfield, these areas give you a decent view of the game. The view is better on the right side, in sections 7 and 8, as this allows for a good view of left field and a nice look at the out-of-town scoreboard.

Baseline Reserved

The Baseline Reserved section is quite large, spanning from section 1 to 6 and 23 to 28. The closer you can get to the center and front of your section, the better your view. These seats give you a decent chance of catching a foul ball. The further you go toward the outfield, the more the seats angle inward to give you a good view of the pitcher’s mound.

On the right side of the field, you’ll enjoy better protection from the sun and a good view of left field and the out-of-town scoreboard. On the left side, you’ll enjoy a better view of the video board in right field, but you may find you’re shading your eyes to look at it.

Bullpen Reserved

Bullpen Reserved seating is in sections 29 through 32, 34 through 36, and 38 through 40. Situated far in the outfield, these don’t offer the best view. However, you can snag these tickets at a reasonable price and the location does offer a good chance at snagging a home run ball. You’re also located near the bullpens. Sections 29 to 31 are behind the Marlin’s bullpen and sections 38 and 39 are behind the visiting bullpen.

On the right side, you’re out of the sun but can’t see the video board, while the left side offers a better look at the board but more glare during the day.

Home Run Porch

The Home Run Porch seating is on the right side of the field in sections 134 to 141. This tier sits above the Bullpen Reserved seats. Despite the name, the area is usually too high for any real chance at catching a home run ball. However, the location keeps most fans out of the sun and the low-ticket prices make it possible for nearly any fan to catch a game.

Diamond Club

The Diamond club seats are directly behind home plate in sections FL4 to FL8. These seats come with the highest price tags in the field, but you will enjoy complimentary food, soft drinks, wine, and beer. For a premium experience, this section has a lot to offer. However, if you’re after the best view of the game, you might find another section better suited to your needs as the close proximity makes it difficult to really see what’s going on.

Bacardi Dugout Club

The Dugout Club is a miniscule section, spanning FL1 through FL3 on the visitor’s side and FL9 through FL11 beside the Marlin’s dugout. Fans here enjoy the same free concessions as those in the Diamond Club, though the view is only marginally better than the Base Reserved and Baseline Reserved seats that surround it.

Lexus Legends Level

The Lexus Legends Level is for fans who want a stellar view of the field from an elevated vantage point. The Lexus Legends Platinum seats are in sections 207 through 211 and 219 to 222. The other Lexus Legends seats are in sections 201 to 206 and 228 to 223. Naturally, the closer you are to front and center, the better your view will be.

All seats on the Legends level give you access to the climate controlled concourse with premium food and beverage options. You’ll enjoy far less foot traffic and a much quieter experience on this level. Prices are moderate, making this a great option for fans who want an unforgettable experience that doesn’t break the bank. These seats are also known for offering excellent shade so you don’t have to shield your eyes from the glare.

Legends Suites

The Legends Suites sit in the very center of the Lexus Legends Level, giving fans a great view from behind home plate. There are 14 Legends Suites located directly above the Founders Suites. These suites feature personal concierge services, contemporary furnishings, and upscale food and beverage services. Each suite has 720 square feet of space and seats 22 to 26 people. These suites are available for single game rentals.

Founders Suites

The Founders Suites are located in front of the Legends Suites on the exclusive Founders level. There are 14 Founders Suites numbering 1 through 14. These VIP suites come with personal concierge services, contemporary furnishings, and upscale food and beverage. Fans using the Founders Suites have access to the Lexus Legends level. These suites are not available for single game rentals.

Fiesta Suites

There are six Fiesta Suites, dubbed the Old Marlins Suite, All-Star Suite, Gold Glove Suite, Silver Slugger Suite, Rookie Suite, and No Hitter Suite. These suites sit side-by-side along the first base lines. Retractable walls allow you to combine suites in this section. Each has 549 square feet of space and fits 24 to 48 people. These are available for single game rentals.

MVP Suites

The MVP Suites are similar to the Founders and Legends suits in that they offer upscale food and beverage, concierge services, and comfortable contemporary furnishings. However, these suites are considerably smaller and a bit less extravagant. Each suite holds 16 to 20 people. Suites 16 through 22 sit behind sections 208 to 210. Suites 37 to 41 are behind sections 220 and 221. These suites are available for single game rentals.

Hall of Fame Suites

The two Hall of Fame suites sit on the left end of the Legends Suits, numbering 33 and 34. These VIP Suites have an excellent view of home plate.

Championship Suites

The two Championship Suites are located along the first and third base lines. Each suite holds 40 to 72 people. These spacious suites are the most expensive options in Marlins Park. Championship Suites are available for single game rentals.

Vista Level

The Vista Level is the highest in the park, taking up sections 302 through 327. In this relatively small stadium, the views from Vista level are still excellent. Sections 311 through 318 are directly behind home plate. Sections 308 and 309 have some of the best seats on the Vista level, particularly near the front. These sections keep you in the shade, and the slight angle gives you a better view of the game. These are some of the most affordable seats in the park, but due to low game attendance, this level isn’t always open.

With so many options, you can easily score great tickets to see the Miami Marlins, no matter what your budget. Whether you’re relaxing in a VIP suite or catching home run balls in the outfield, you’re sure to enjoy a memorable experience in Marlins Park.

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