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Athletics Tickets Guide – Best Beers at the Coliseum

February 16, 2014

If you like to enjoy a beer or two while watching baseball, then after you obtain Oakland Athletics tickets you should know about the best beer options at the park. Coliseum has plenty of places to grab good beers, so continue reading to learn about the best bars and restaurants near the ballpark for before and after the game.

Beer Concessions at Coliseum

Grabbing a quick beer from a concession stand doesn’t mean you have to settle for swill. The concession stands located in sections 107, 112, 134, 220, and 230 have a variety of craft beers, including:

  • Pyramid Curveball
  • Pyramid Hefeweizen
  • Liberty beers
  • Anchor beers

You can also get Corona, Corona Light, Blue Moon, and other beers from Corona located in sections 103, 122, and 127. Beer concessions in sections 109 and 126 serve Stella, Shock Top, and a variety of rotating beers.

Section 131 has:

  • Goose IPA
  • Rolling Rock
  • Shock Top
  • Stella
  • Becks Sapphire

This section also has domestic brews and non-alcoholic beer.

The Field Irish Pub

The Field Irish Pub, located in section 119, has traditional Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick’s that almost makes it feel like a real pub. The Field doesn’t limit you to beers made in Ireland, though. It also serves:

  • Stella
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Goose IPA

That’s a tasty selection for any beer-lover’s palate.

Budweiser Bowtie Bar

Budweiser beers and bowties don’t typically go together, but the Budweiser Bowtie Bar has found a way to make them fit with its swanky lounge feel.

This bar serves more than Bud and Bud Light. It also has Shock Top, Budweiser’s craft beer brand, and Stella as well as some rotating beers. Located in section 129, it’s conveniently located for people in field and bleacher seats.

Chop Bar

There aren’t many restaurants or bars located right by Oakland Coliseum because it’s a largely industrial area. It only takes about five minutes to reach downtown, though. That’s where you’ll find Chop Bar, one of the most-loved restaurant-bars in the area.

Chop Bar has a huge selection of draft and bottled beers. The specific beers change often, but you can expect to find selections from:

  • Bison Brewery
  • Linden St. Brewery
  • Anchor
  • Anderson Valley

All of these breweries make their beers in California. Bison and Linden St. are both local to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Heinold’s First and Last Chance Bar


Image via Flickr by James Cridland

If you want your beer with a hefty side of history, head to Jack London Square, where you’ll find Heinold’s First and Last Chance Bar. Heinold’s opened in 1883, and while it has become a bit of a tourist attract, it still maintains many of the original tables that make it unique.

Most importantly, you can enjoy your beer right where Jack London wrote notes for his story Call of the Wild. Legend has it that the original owner, Johnny Heinold, even gave London money to attend his first year of college.

Do you know of other choice spots in and near Oakland Coliseum? Visitors unfamiliar with the city might not know where to go for a drink, so feel free to help them find a great watering hole not mentioned here.

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