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Mariners Tickets Guide – Best Beers at Safeco Field

February 17, 2014

So you’ve scored your Seattle Mariners tickets, now what? Why not start by planning where you’ll find your favorite baseball beverage: beer. Concession snacks are easy to come by, but what about a craft beer? There are many excellent local restaurants and stadium stops for tasty brew. The next time you’re at Safeco Field, check out what all the brew-ha-hype is about at these five Mariners-friendly destinations.

1. The Pen


Image via Flickr by Fristle

The Pen is a classic pre-ball pit stop. The best thing about the beers at The Pen is that they’re cheap. Before the first pitch, The Pen offers $5 beer specials. This Mariners favorite is located right on Safeco Field grounds for convenience.

While most of the beer specials are the typical draft variety, the website Look Out Landing notes, “[…] if you can ignore the Diamond Knot IPA (we can do better in the PNW), the other microbrew offerings are excellent.” The Pen is unique for some of the cheapest and best beer in MLB.

2. Edgar’s Cantina

Edgar’s Cantina is a recent addition to Safeco Field. Edgar’s is actually a local food and drink venue located right inside Safeco. Mariners’ fans love the authentic cuisine, but true beer aficionados also know that it’s a great place to find classic Mexican beers.

Edgar’s is also known for its flagship beer mixer: the Martinez Michelada. Fans can slow sip on this one-of-a-kind ballpark drink that features Mexican beer, cayenne pepper, limejuice, and pineapple juice. Enjoy the refreshing aroma and flavors of citrus while you watch a game.

3. Good Hops Beer

If you’re looking for an even more local selection of beer, then hop on over to Good Hops Beer located near sections 319 and 330. Good Hops offers a rotating choice of resident brews, as well as specialty brews and microbrews.

According to the website Washington Beer, some of the fan favorites are Fremont Universale, Big Sky Moose Drool, and Dick’s Danger.

4. Hooverville

Hooverville is located just outside of the park, two blocks away on 1st Ave. South. The venue is usually full of Mariners supporters both before and after the game. Hooverville is a rundown industrial-style shack, but don’t let that deter you.

Faithful fans will find a fine selection of everything from IPAs to ales. Some of the top picks include Total Domination and Boundary Bay IPA. If you have different seats than friends, meet up after the game at Hooverville to wash down so cold beer.

5. Seattle Alehouse

Seattle Alehouse is located right across the street from Safeco Field. Pyramid Brewery, a Pacific Northwest brew company, owns the alehouse and restaurant. The alehouse features classic Pyramid Brews, which could include their year-round selection, such as Apricot beer and Thunderhead IPA, or seasonal favorites (selections may vary).

Seattle Alehouse is also popular with Mariners fans for its beer garden. Patrons can casually enjoy a craft brew in the open air before or after the game.

What’s your favorite beer Safeco Field? What options would you like to see added to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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