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Red Sox Tickets Guide – Best Beers at Fenway Park

February 17, 2014

Craft beer-lovers who have Boston Red Sox tickets always look forward to game time, but they might worry about whether they’ll have a good drink selection at a ballpark. Fenway Field actually has several locations where you can get craft beers from a tap or bottle. You just need to know where to find these delicious drinks.

The Brews at Fenway

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You can’t walk to your seat without seeing a dozen beer vendors. However, many of those vendors only have mass-marketed domestics. There’s nothing wrong with drinking a Bud Light at a baseball game, but some people prefer a little more flavor. Beers commonly found at Fenway include:

  • Smuttynose IPA
  • Magic Hat #9
  • Wachusett Green Monsta IPA

Of course, the specific beers that you find at Fenway park will vary. Sometimes you can find Wachusett Blueberry Ale, but not at other times. Just like any bar, these concessions rotate to offer customers a bigger variety of fresh flavors.

Finding Brews at Fenway

Not every vendor can serve craft beer. If you head to certain areas of the park, though, you will find all the beer you could possibly want to drink. Some of the best places to find craft beer include:

  • Yawkey Way
  • Right Field Concessions
  • State Street Pavilion
  • Centerfield Big Concourse
  • EMC Club

Of course, you’ll also find the best drinks in private suites.

Island Creek Oyster Bar

The area surrounding Fenway has plenty of bars and restaurants. If you want a drink before or after the game, try one of these watering holes. Island Creek Oyster Bar is a restaurant that serves fresh seafood. The bar also has an extensive beer list that comes with notes on each drink. Some of the finest beers at Island Creek include:

  • La Chouffe
  • Anchor Liberty Ale
  • Maine Beer Company’s King Titus
  • 21st Amendment Bitter American

By including notes in the menu, drinkers can explore new options without accidentally choosing something that they will hate. If you know that you don’t like beers with hints of chocolate and cherry, then you know not to order Brooklyn Brewery’s Local 2.

Boston Beer Works

Boston Beer Works. The name should give you a good idea of what you’ll find at this beer-lover’s paradise. Beer Works brews its own line of beers that you can enjoy at the bar or buy in local stores. The menu changes every month so don’t get attached to a specific beer. Just be thankful that you get to chance to try so many flavors in the same bar. Some favorites that you might find at Boston Beer Works include:

  • Imperial Stout
  • Double Pale Ale
  • Blue Thunder (made with blueberries and honey)
  • Espresso Stout

Unlike many breweries, Beer Works accommodates the wine and cocktail crowd, too. It has a full bar for imbibers who don’t prefer beer.

What is your favorite place to get a beer at Fenway? Is there a place you regularly go to have a few pints while watching the Red Sox play?

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