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Orioles Tickets Guide – Best Beers at Camden Yards

February 23, 2014

Beer can define a sports experience, especially when you have Orioles Tickets. Whether it’s a smooth lager or a tangy IPA, enjoying a beer enhances any game. So, what kind of beer can you find to for the game? This guide tells you the best beers to grab in and around Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo


Image via Flickr by cogocogo

On your way to the park, if you want to spend a bit less for your beer, head into Pickles Pub. There, you can get your fix of imperial IPA with Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo. This bold beer comes full of assertive flavor. The aromas highlight the complex herbal, pine, and citrus character of this beer made using American hops. It feels great as it hits your tongue, as it is thick and well carbonated. What you’ll find with torpedo is a delicious, drinkable beer with a high alcohol content that’s barely noticeable.

Stone Levitation

Once you’ve had your ticket scanned and walked through the gates of Camden Yards, you’ll notice Dempsey’s Brewpub. Dempsey’s offers house beers as well as some excellent bottled choices. Among the list, Stone brewery’s Levitation stands out as one of the best.

When poured out into a glass, you’ll notice a gorgeous red color. Take a whiff and notice the pine and citrus smell right up front. Many flavors go into this beer, but the taste still feels complete and unified. The malty, spicy rye flavor stands out more than anything else on the first sip.

Lagunitas Pils

Also found at Dempsey’s Brewpub, this Pils comes from an unexpected place. Lagunitas didn’t become famous for its pilsner, but they certainly know how to get it right. It has a medium gold color and creates a sizeable head when poured. The smell gives off serious corn and bread smells right away, with a little lemon faintly in the back. The taste might remind some of a biscuit or a ginger snap, but still with the same hint of lemon. This hint of lemon is something many beer drinkers may not have experienced, however, it is a delicious choice.

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

Head to the upper concourse of Camden Yards and you’ll see a kiosk for Heavy Seas brewery. They’ve called it a Hop3 (hops cubed) beer because they use three pounds of hops and brew the hops three different ways: in the kettle, in the hop back, and dry hopped. This beer has a gold color with rich, citrusy aromas. Despite its relatively high alcohol content, you’ll find this beer more drinkable than most with a big, smooth hop kick.

Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA

Flying Dog presents its attempt at the IPA: Snake Dog. When you pour this beer into a glass, it shows a somewhat opaque gold-yellow. The aroma makes the beer seem especially hoppy, but the taste proves otherwise. When you drink this milder IPA, you’ll notice an emphasis on malty and citrus flavors more than the hops. Flying Dog offers a well-carbonated, noteworthy IPA. You’ll find it an excellent choice when looking for a simple beer, but still hoping to capitalize on craft brew quality.

Don’t go thirsty at the game. Pick a beer you love, relax, and enjoy!

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