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Orioles Tickets Guide – Best Food at Camden Yards

February 24, 2014

So, you’ve got your Orioles tickets, but you haven’t eaten yet. If you haven’t been to the arena, you don’t even know what options you can find in and around the area. That’s where this guide comes in. Look at some of the best food you can find at Oriole Park and inside Camden Yards.

Dempsey’s Pub


Image via Flickr by Keith Allison

Named after a popular Orioles player from the eighties, designers built the restaurant in the right field inside Camden Yards. You’ll find the restaurant’s menu reminiscent of pub styles. You can get appetizers like crab cakes or rock fish tacos. For entrées, they primarily offer burgers and sandwiches as one might expect, but you can expect quality food at good prices.

Boog’s BBQ

On Eutaw Street in Camden Yards, you’ll find the unique Boog’s BBQ. The spot offers a go-to restaurant choice for many people who enjoy Orioles games. Boog Powell, the legendary Orioles player, serves people himself if they’re willing to wait in a long line. If you choose this route, he’ll give you your sandwich or platter, shake your hand and let you take a photo with him. They have amazing pit beef, turkey, beans, and coleslaw.

Gino’s Burgers

One of Baltimore’s long-lost staples opened a restaurant in Camden Yards near the north entrance of Eutaw Street. Like the other restaurants in the area, Gino’s was named after a former Baltimore star athlete, and this time it was Gino Marchetti. The chains presence in Camden Yards has heightened its revival.

Get a giant burger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, or Camden burger. If you want chicken instead, you can try their chicken tender basket or buffalo chicken tenders. French fries, peanuts, beer, soda, and shakes all come as side options.

Polock Johnny’s

Polock Johnny’s stands can be found in the lower concourse area of the park. This local area flavor has existed longer than the baseball team itself. They’ve long been known for their polish sausages and special sauces. People love the snap and smoky flavor found when trying out their sausages. Their special sauce combines tomatoes, vinegar, peppers, onions and spices.

You can find Polock Johnny’s in Gate A at the south end of Eutaw Street, and near the third base on the lower level.

Old Bay

These seafood stands offer the authentic Maryland crab cake that so many people know. Just make sure you really want a lot of seafood before you go for it. You can get soft shell crab sandwiches, rolling crab with creamy dip, or Maryland crab soup. Old Bay definitely offers the best option for people looking to get a traditional New England seafood taste.

Baltimore Chop House

Yet another restaurant named after sports, this chop-house got its name from the Baltimore Chop, a ground ball into the mud that the Orioles once gained fame for often playing. The Chop House offers an alternative to the growing popularity of the Philly Cheesesteak among ballparks. At the Chop House, you can get a bun filled with skirt steak, marinated in sauce and topped with extras like Gouda cheese that ultimately makes an excellent alternative to the Philly version.

Wherever you find yourself in Camden Yards, you can guarantee you’ll find something delicious to eat close by.

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