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Orioles Tickets Guide – Vegan Options at Camden Yards

February 26, 2014

So you’re ready for the game, Orioles tickets in hand, but you haven’t eaten yet. You’re a vegan, so eating isn’t always a piece of cake; you have to plan your meals out. If you’ve never been to Oriole Park, you have no way of knowing what’s available in the area. Looking for food takes away from precious game-watching time. Get ready for the game by following this guide to the vegan options around Oriole Park and in Camden Yards.



Image via Flickr by Keith Allison

Pastimes Café offers the best choice of vegan and vegetarian food inside of Camden Yards’ gates. If you go to Pastimes, you can try vegan entrées like their veggie burger, dog, wrap, or Panini. If you want something with less carbs, try their spinach or tomato basil salads. Pastimes even offers sides for people trying to avoid animal products including but not limited to, french fries, garlic fries, fruit cups, apple sauce, and jello.

Sticky Rice

If you love Asian food, check out Sticky Rice, located just over a mile southeast of the arena. You can start off your meal with some warm miso soup or tofu lettuce wraps. Other vegan sides include fried Teriyaki mushrooms, edamame, wakame salad, and a veggie tempura plate.

For your meal, you can try healthy options such as their Teriyaki salad with tofu, spinach salad, house salad, or cold coba salad. If you want something more filling, go for their dirty vegan noodles, consisting of tofu and noodles tossed with a peanut coconut sauce mixed in with veggies. They even have a mock chicken Szechuan dish with carrots, onions, broccoli, peppers, and pineapple chunks tossed in spicy Szechuan sauce over rice.

Liquid Earth

You can find Liquid Earth right near Sticky Rice. Liquid earth aims to create dishes that remind us of where we come from.

Start off your meal at Liquid Earth with chips and salsa, an organic brown rice bowl mixed with avocado, a hummus plate served with bread, cucumber and tomato, bread and olive oil, stuffed avocados, seaweed salad, raw vegetable sushi, or a sprout salad. If you want an all-raw meal, you can go for their spinach avocado salad, raw veggie wrap, zucchini spaghetti (literally noodles made of thinly shredded zucchini) or raw taco (using leaves as a shell and mashed nuts as the meat).

If you don’t want to eat all raw, they have plenty of satisfying dishes, such as their earthburger, Liquid Earth rolls, and picnic baguette.

The Land of Kush

At The Land of Kush, you can find dishes that let you feel like you’re eating game day food while still avoiding animal products. Their top entrée includes Kush BBQ Ribs (made of soy protein and covered in BBQ sauce) and Curry Chickun (also made of soy protein, as you can probably guess from the odd spelling of chicken). Other than that, you can go for the gluten-free lentil burgers, eggplant parmesan made with vegan cheese, or the “Chickun” salad.

Salads include kale, cucumber tomato, sesame spinach, pasta, and potato (using veganaise). If you like, you can turn any entrée into a wrap. You can find The Land of Kush just a few blocks from the Orioles arena.

Being a vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself at an Orioles game. Explore the area and have fun. Don’t let your dietary preferences and restrictions keep you from enjoying a great dinner and a ball game!

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