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Royals Tickets Guide – Vegan Options At Kauffman Stadium

March 13, 2014

Royals tickets holders have plenty of reasons to be proud of Kauffman Stadium. Having just turned 40, Kauffman  has accommodated 70,638,469 baseball fans since it opened in 1973 and is still considered one of the “crown jewels” of the Major Leagues.


Image via Flickr by baseballoogie

In addition to this impressive pedigree, Kauffman’s staff is also incredibly receptive to fan input. For example, in 2010 PETA urged people to write to Kauffman staff members requesting more vegan options and they actually got responses – both in writing and in action!

One of these vegan fans posted the response to her request on Let’s take a look at the vegan options Kevin M. Uhlich, Senior Vice President of Business for the Kansas City Royals, detailed in that letter.

1. Veggie Burritos

With two convenient locations – sections 232 and 223 – the veggie burritos are made fresh to order, as they would be in a Chipotle or Baja Fresh. Since it’s made right in front of you, simply ask them to hold the meat (and cheese if you’re a vegan) and pile on the beans, rice, guacamole, and salsa!

2. Veggie Hot Dogs and Veggie Burgers

Even more readily available than the veggie burritos, you can get your veggie hot dog (or burger) fix at any of the 3-pack concession stands. You can find these stands on the View level in section 417 and 422, or the Plaza Level in sections 221 and 234. Rivals Sports Bar also carries the veggie burgers, but not the veggie dogs.

It’s a little unfortunate that Rivals doesn’t carry veggie dogs because the veggie burgers are not vegan (they contain egg whites). According to Veggie Happy, the veggie dogs are vegan.

3. Iceberg Wedge Salad and Chopped Salad

If you are a vegan eating in Rivals Sports Bar and you don’t want the veggie dog, treat yourself to an iceberg wedge salad or a chopped salad – both are fresh, light, and delicious options.

Also, consider getting “Rivals Front Row Seating.” This package includes four Royals tickets, four window-seats that face the field, and $25 per person towards food. Together, it’s an excellent deal for a family, or group of friends, with one or more vegetarians or vegans.

4. Loaded Nachos, Pizza, and Mac and Cheese

Okay, so these are clearly not vegan options. However, if you follow a vegetarian, or “vegetarian inclined,” diet you could appease your hunger with some hot Mac and Cheese, cheese pizza, or Loaded Nachos (remember to ask for no meat!).

5. Baked Potato, Popcorn, Peanuts, and Pretzels

Finally, there are the old vegetarian standbys that most baseball stadiums have: popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, and baked potatoes. Although they don’t distinguish Kauffman as a cut above the rest, they are still solid options for a vegan on the prowl for something to eat (holding the cheese and butter of course).

So, if you’re a vegetarian or vegan and you were avoiding Kauffman because you thought there’d be nothing to eat, think again! There are plenty of choices – get out there and try one for yourself!

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