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Twins Tickets Guide – Best Beers at Target Field

March 16, 2014

If you’re looking for the best beer to go with your Minnesota Twins tickets, look no further. There’s nothing like sitting back during the first inning or the seventh inning stretch, while enjoying a handful of popcorn and a cold beer while and watching the Twins play. When you’re looking to wash down your hot dog or battle the midday heat, tip your favorite players a toast with a frosty beverage of the sort you can only really enjoy at the ballpark.

Sip on Surly


Image via Flickr by Bill Roehl

Don’t let the name fool you, because this beer is anything but surly. Although the popular Bandwagon brew is no longer available—it was a one-time novelty for Surly’s first year—there are plenty of other varieties currently available. Furious is one popular choice, especially given its lush color. Bender is another great choice. If you really want to quench your thirst and give your taste buds a brand new experience, you’ll help yourself to a glass of Hell. That’s a misnomer, though, because beer lovers will feel like they’ve gone to heaven. You’ll find it in section 141, at the Twins Pub.

Lap up Leinenkugel

Leinenkugel is another much-loved brew at the stadium for a number of reasons. The brewery, which is somewhat local, has been around since Prohibition and only gets better with age. The regular brews are delicious themselves, but it’s the seasonal offerings that really take beer lovers by storm.

Consider a beer mixed with lemonade on a hot summer’s day, or a variety that uses coriander. There are stouts available—and they are certainly stout—and a range of sweeter craft beers that will tickle your taste buds. You never know what you might find, but this year it might just be the Lemonberry Shandy, the Snowdrift Vanilla Porter, or the Canoe Paddler. You can find everything in sections 126 and 320, courtesy of Minnesota Brews Portables.

Fix on Fulton


Image via Flickr by Brett Roegiers

Fulton is almost always a fan favorite, and you can find it on draft at the Twins Pub in section 141. By all accounts, the best option is an I. P. A., which is chock full of hops that seem to jump right out at you. Specifically, you need to try Sweet Child of the Vine, which is just as sweet as it sounds. The best part is that when you visit Fulton’s on-site taproom, you’re close to all the amazing food trucks that congregate at Target Field.

Go Gluten-Free

There really is something for everybody at the ball park. Even if your diet dismisses gluten, you can still have a great time and enjoy your favorite beverage. You have to love a stadium that caters to all its visitors. In this case, look for Minnesota Brews Portables in sections 126 and 320. There, you’ll enjoy the amazing Red Bridge Gluten-Free beer. It’s all the taste and none of the hassle or pain that can torment those with gluten intolerance.

Of course, you’ll also find loads of domestic and premium favorites, along with all your old standbys; you can even get O’Doul’s if you want a non-alcoholic option. What do you plan to sip when you go to the game?

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